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Yule & A Lifetime Gift

Hello All,

My ‘Christmas’ is called Yule and is more related to the changing off the seasons. Marking the end of winter and welcoming back the sun. To read more about Yule go here. Anyway Yule is on the 21st December (yesterday).

So David came down for a ritual with Simon, Chrys and some of their friends. David and I went shopping to make a Yule Compote (a mashed fruit desert). It was lovely and went down a treat.

Prior to going to ritual I gave David a lovely Yule gift I had bought him. A beatiful Book Of Shadows (B.O.S). A B.O.S is a journal to record his path as he explores paganism. It includes: learning, experiences, rituals, spells, recipies, etc.

David loved his gift (thankfully!). I also bought two of these books for my self
(Hey! I’ve been living as a pagan for over 7 years!).

Here’s a photo of mine:

(Notice the A.S initals at the bottom. I had Davids personalised like this too!)

I bought it from The Diary Shop I would highly recommend it. They are hand made with hand made paper and reasonably priced.

Anyway, the Yule ritual went well. Although I am nackard tonight.

So one last thing before I go, do you remember that song by George Micheal?

Yes, last Christmas. Well I’ve been hearing it all day, and if I have to suffer so do you.

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In love and light,


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