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By Wednesday 10 December 2008Happiness & Joy, Health, Life

Stress causes energy blockages within charka’s in your aura. These energy blockages can cause both physical and mental illnesses and lead to general energy depletion (tiredness).

One of the best ways to reduce stress is through relaxation. So here’s some ideas how I relax:

Off Loading
Having a good natter or “getting it off your chest” as the phrase is, does you the world of good. I’ve heard it refereed to as offloading. It’s important I guess that you don’t dump all the stress emotionally on the person though…so my best method instead are Relaxation Techniques.

Relaxation Techniques
First and foremost I must say that any relaxation technique will only work to de-stress if you take time out.

I usually start with my home. I declutter and tidy as mess only adds to my stress. I have the room decorated in a neutral colour, and put soft lighting on as well as candles and Sandlewood or Jasmine in the oil burner. In terms of the colour of your rooms, do think carefully about what colours you use when decorating your house. For example red, is a warm lovely colour but also represents anger and anxiety. Once your environment is suitable to relax in I normally go for a bath.

I like a nice bubble-filled bath. A beautiful scent, that encourages relaxation. If possible you can also put a CD Player outside the door and play in some nice slow music. Then all you have to do is soak, simple. Try to slow your mind down. Maybe imagine a wooden chest, see all thoughts in your mind be sucked in to the chest and then it close and drop out of your mind.

There are loads of different techniques and visualisations to meditate too. I find it difficult to do, so sometimes use a crystals energy to guide me. Usually a clear quartz. Although I must admit, I struggle to sit there and do nothing.

If your lucky enough to live with a partner, get him or her to give you some TLC. A shoulder rub, hand rub (the Dove hand creams are great for this!) are both lovely. If your lucky enough they may even give you a full body massage. But just remember you have to return the favour. Give and take. A friend of mine recently told me that she books a full body professional massage once a year at around Christmas time – what a good idea, eh? We should all treat ourselves me thinks.

We all use escapism as a good relaxation method. Whether it’s a physical escape (on holiday or for a weekend away) or whether it’s in books (using our imagination) or films. It is sometimes needed to escape the stress for a short while. So if works very stressful consider taking a book to read on your dinner break.

One final thought….
Watch what you eat and drink! Some foods and drinks are psychologically good to relax with but have a stimulant effect on the body. Hence tensing your muscles up and getting your body working hard to digest them. My big mistake in this area is chocolate, being a recovering chocoholic. I love a bit of galaxy, but the sugar speeds up the body. Not what you want when your trying to relax.

I hope this has inspired you to go and chill out and have a relaxed evening.

Take care my friends,


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