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Bathroom Dancing, Inspired and Just Discovered!

By Wednesday 12 November 2008Amazon, Books & Authors, Gigs & Shows, Paganism

Bathroom dancing, does anybody do it?

Whilst your bath is running, plugged in to your ipod – dance in front of the mirror. Is it just me? I think we all need a bit of fun every now and again, ha ha or maybe I just need a night out!

My weekend (see A Weekend ‘Paganing’) inspired me, despite being broke, to buy How to Create a Magical Home and Utterly Wicked: Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions. Now the latter may worry you, however we curse people sub-conciously on a daily basis. I also use the phrase ‘know thy enemy’. In addition to these books, I couldn’t resist picking up 2009 Bunny Suicides Deluxe Diary.

Finally, I have just discovered French and Saunders are realising a DVD of their last ever tour. I was lucky enough to see it earlier this year with my mum.

I will be buying this as I think they are wonderful. Perhaps a Christmas gift to myself.

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