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There’s A Bug Going Round

By Sunday 6 October 2013Health, Life
illness There’s a bug going round and I’ve got it. It started with a headache across my forehead and has spread downwards. Blocking my nose, making it stream like a cold water tap turned fully on. Complete with added sneezes. My sore throat that feels like I’ve swallowed razor blades and definitely has a look of tonsillitis – all red, swollen and angry. A raspy cough, which is sporadic and managing to keep me awake. High temperatures at times and feeling chilled to my bones other times.

I know people talk about man flu; but the bug is completely wiping me out. Thank the goddess/god for Lemsip – Blackcurrant and Strepsils.

I hope that you don’t catch this nasty bug going round. Normal blogging shall resume when I’m feeling better.

Take care of yourself…oh and avoid the infected like it’s the plague.


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