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Reading for Pleasure

By Sunday 15 September 2013Amazon, Books & Authors
Books I've Bought Recently

Books I’ve Bought Recently

Until recently I hadn’t bought any books for ages. I didn’t need to, what with the free ones I was getting from Publishers Publicists to review. But I noticed that reading had become like a chore and had significantly slowed down.

The great thing about getting books from Publishers Publicists is that I’ve discovered new authors and new books that I love. But it’s a mixed bag.

Sometimes I get books that I wouldn’t necessarily choose to read. That’s when it becomes like a chore. I count down the pages and force myself to read on.

I decided that I’m going back to reading for pleasure. So this month I’ve treated myself to several books that I want to read. They are in the photo above.

Left to Right Top Row: Gone by Michael Grant, Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback by Stephen Jones & Oh Dear Silvia by Dawn French.

Left to Right Bottom Row: Hunger by Michael Grant, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks & The Fallen by Charlie Higson.

I’m already really enjoying reading again. I’m hooked and a few of these books and will review them after I’ve read them.

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