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shower gells

Addiction to shower gells?

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“Let me look in that cubboard?” Curious David said. Using my body as a barrier: “You won’t understand.” Lovingly David moves me out of the way. He opens up the cubboard, looks at me and says: “Your ill.”

This is how David discovered my 20+ shower gells all lined up. He doesn’t understand! So to help explain I told him this story:

I was once in morrisons and saw a particular brand of shower gells that I love buy-one-get-one-free. So I couldn’t leave them there for that, could I?

(I seem to have inherited my mums attraction for bargins.)

So I bought 10 and got 10 free. David’s response to this was: “Your very ill.”

I am unsure were this need to have plenty shower gells in stock. Perhaps someone once made a comment about my hygiene? (Doubt it as always have been very clean.) Or did I once run out? And my OCD (obsessive, compulsive disorder) set in – giving me a need to stock up and put them in an order. The latter is probably true. So Ok, I do have an addiction to shower gells, but perhaps there is worse addictions?

And can I just say at this point: Supermarkets you don’t help! You always have offers on them and place them on the end of the isle – so I can’t even aviod them by not going down the isle.

So what do you think? Am I “ill” as David suggests? Do I have an addiction? Leave a comment.

Blog about random things soon.


(P.S Oh and in relation to David – I will let you know what’s going on, when I do.)

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