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Samhain 2012

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This year Samhain was a two day event! It started on Tuesday (30th) night when Sye and I carved pumpkins (for how to carve pumpkins see Making a pumpkin lantern for Samhain). Here’a our finished pumpkins:

Left: Jill – looking shocked (mine),
Right: Jacko Sye’s piece of artwork.
(Click on image for full size.)

Sye & I also used the pumpkin insides to make some Pumpkin Cookies after I found a recipe on the Facebook of Pagan Magic, here’s a photo of the cookies:

They look fantastic and were so delicious.
(Click on image for full size.)

Sye & I had a cookie (or two), a brew (or Milk in Sye’s case) and I wished him happy Samhain as by the time we’d finished it was the early hours of the morning.

In the evening of Samhain (31st) I went round to do ritual with Jayne & Joan. We wrote letters to ancestors which was a brilliant idea of Jayne’s that I have never thought of doing. Then we burned the letters to release the messages into the cosmos in Jayne’s fire pit:

The Fire Pit lit, despite the rain.
We even had some green flames,
I’ve only ever seen them on Samhain.
(Click on image for full size.)

Me tending to the fire in my ritual robe.
(Click on image for full size.)

By the fire we discussed what we were thankful for over the last twelve months; we also burnt slips of paper with things we wanted to banish over the next twelve months. To finish the ritual we went inside, relaxed and asked any spirits that wish to communicate with us to do so. I didn’t get any spirit communication unless you count the cat that uncharacteristically came up to me and started purring.

That’s how I celebrated Samhain.

Write soon,


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I spent Samhain (Halloween) with my good friends Simon & Chrys. Samhain is pagan new year (see Pagan Festivals), and as part of our ritual we had an outdoor fire. We threw slips of paper with what we want to leave behind in the last pagan year or get rid of the this pagan year. Some of my slips included:

  • Grief
  • Ill Health
  • Debts – credit cards and over draft
  • Fatigue

Here’s a photo of the fire after I’d thrown one of my slips in:

Glorious! Banished in the flames.

Write soon,


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Samhain Ritual, goes well

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As you know Samhain is a pagan’s Christmas and New Year rolled in to one. Simon, Chrys and I had planned to do a group ritual together but it was canceled as Simon had to work (waking nights – awe!).

So David (see attractive stranger, elephant cups & tatton park, a poem posts) and I prepared and completed ritual.

What’s Samhain about?
1. Celebration of a good harvest – Thanking the god, goddess and mother earth for a fruitful harvest.
2. The equinox – Recognising the god’s days are coming to an end as the crone goddess sits on the throne for the winter period. Nature going in to hibernation to sleep out the cold, winter, months.
3. A time of remembrance – Celebrating and remembering the lives of those that have moved on to the astral plane, or above.
3. The veils between the physical and astral are thin – A time to communicate with those that inhabit the astral plane or travel there (via astral travel).

The ritual went well with both David and I inputting in to the planning and execution of it.

Write soon,


(On a side note: I forgot to upload my last blog entry until now, it is entitled ‘Mum, Heroin & Me – C4 Documentary‘)

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