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Psychic Party & Home Warming

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This weekend some close friends were invited round of a Psychic Party and House Warming. A friend Kay and I prepared the living room/kitchen, see photos below:

(Altar prepared with things for the games.)

(The kitchen.)

(The living room 1.)

(The living room 2.)

(The living room 3.)

A good time was had by all (see photos below). They had the grande tour on their arrival followed by drinks. We then did some Numerology, aura sensing and energy transfer. These activities were followed by food (pizza and nibbles) and then we did some more games: pendulums, tarrot cards and What’s my future game.

Kay and I gave them a gift of a small silver bag with crystals that had been charged with positive energy before they left, which was at twenty-past one.

Kay and I stayed up chatting for an hour after they’d gone and then shattered went to bed. The party was such a success that I intend to hold a psychic party annually.

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