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Book Review: The Jungle Book (CollinsClassics Edition) by Rudyard Kipling

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The Jungle Book is the story of man-cub Mowgli, who is raised by wolves in the Indian jungle.

Shere Khan, the stripped tiger, was Mowgli’s reason for ending up in the jungle in the first place. And as Mowgli grows, Shere Khan makes himself Mowgli’s nemesis.

Mowgli is taught The Law of The Jungle by Baloo the bear and Bagheera the black panther. At one point Mowgli is taken by monkeys in the canopy above. Baloo and Bagheera rescue him with the help of Kaa the Python.

The Jungle Book has probably become a classic because it taps into our curiosity of wildlife and our desire to learn about foreign and exotic lands. Kipling brilliantly crosses the worlds of animal and human with main character Mowgli.

Kipling uses anthropomorphism, giving all animal characters human traits, emotions and intentions. The Jungle Book was written in 1894 and as such some of the language has dated and some of the description is unclear.

The Jungle Book would probably be called a novella today, in terms of word count. The CollinsClassics Edition I read contained four other Kipling short stories.

The Jungle Book is well worth a read, although the reader will probably only want to read it once. The Jungle Book is available to buy on Amazon and at all good book shops.

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Back To Penrhos Cottage & Visiting Animalarium Borth Zoo

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Wales Black Berries


Last weekend a friend and I went to stay at the lovely Penrhos Cottage for some rest and relaxation. I’ve previously stayed at Penrhos Cottage, see my blog post: Mid-Wales, Part 1: The Lovely Penrhos Cottage. We spent the time catching up, enjoying nature, watching TV and reading books. It was great to have no schedule.

On the Saturday I took the opportunity to walk up into the hills and found a private garden with some miniature buildings. I hiked further up the hills and found some abandoned slate ruins. See some photos below:

Wales Garden Buildings

Private Garden Miniature Buildings 1

Wales Garden Buildings 2

Private Garden Miniature Buildings 2

Wales Slate Ruin 1

Slate Ruins 1

Wales Slate Ruins 2

Slate Ruins 2

On the Sunday we stopped off at Animalarium, Borth’s Zoo on our way home. Animalarium is a small Zoo that also takes in unwanted pets. You can really get close and interact with the animals at this Zoo. You can even buy pots of food and feed some of the animals. This animal interaction makes it an ideal place to take children. Throughout the day it had a number of free talks about some of the animals and some opportunities to see animals getting fed. My friend and I had an enjoyable time, here are some photos of the animals:

Wales animalarium lemur

Animalarium: Lemur

Animalarium Monkey 1

Animalarium: Monkey 1

Animalarium: Monkey

Animalarium: Monkey 2

Animalarium Meerkats 1

Animalarium: Meerkats 1

Animalarium Meerkats 2

Animalarium: Meerkats 2

Animalarium goat

Animalarium: Goat

Animalarium Cat

Animalarium: Cat

Animalarium Wallerby

Animalarium: Wallerby

Animalarium jaguar

Animalarium: Jaguar – Sunbathing.

Animalarium bird

Animalarium: Some sort of Bird

Animalarium calf cow

Animalarium: Calf

Animalarium Pythons

Animalarium: Pythons

Animalarium pythons sign

Animalarium: Pythons Sign

Animalarium is a small Zoo and as such felt like a place that needs more financial support. My friend and I talked about maybe adopting an animal or two there, it’s something I certainly intend to do when money is less tight.

Hope you enjoyed the update and photos.

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