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Getting Into The Festive Spirit: Manchester Christmas Market

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Manchester Christmas Market Manchester Christmas Market Singing Tree

Manchester Christmas Market Bar It’s become a tradition that once a year, around this time, I go to the Manchester Christmas Market for a mooch around and a Bailey’s latte.

At the weekend, my friend and I completed this tradition together. Considering it was the end of November, it was relatively warm and the sun shone brightly – at times blinding our vision.

We arrived about midday and it wasn’t overly crowded (top left photo).

We started at the stalls straight outside of Manchester Victoria Train Station and began to make our way towards St. Ann’s Square and the City Hall Square. Along the way we saw a singing Christmas Tree (top right photo).

The stalls either sold food or gifts. The food choices were very varied from delicacies to more mainstream dishes. Generally most of the food stalls smelt devine.

The gift stalls had some lovely trinkets, some unique and original products (that would make perfect presents for Christmas), but also some over-priced tat.

Manchester Christmas Market Bailey's Coffee

Midway through the markets my friend and I managed to get seats at a coffee stall (above: left hand column), where we were able to enjoy our drinks. I had the Bailey’s latte as always (above: right hand column) while my friend had his Bailey’s white coffee. As we drank we talked, about many different things including: Christmas, our plans for 2014 and tablets (the Kindle & the iPad Air).

As the afternoon got later, going into early evening, the markets got busier and busier. I had expected that it would get quieter as it got later, but I was wrong. It felt like we were sardines (below: left & right). We had a great time, but maybe next year I’ll avoids the crowds by going midweek.

Manchester Christmas Market Giant Santa / Town Hall Manchester Christmas Market Crowds

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Posh Coffee: The Flavour Collection from Douwe Egberts

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The Flavour Collection from Douwe Egberts

The Flavour Collection from Douwe Egberts (Image Credit: FMCGnews)

While shopping in my local supermarket recently, I discovered The Flavour Collection new from Douwe Egberts. The collection has three distinct flavours: Roasted Hazlenut, Smooth Caramel and Delicate Vanilla.

The Roasted Hazlenut was the first one I tried; being what I would normally order from a coffee shop of a well-known chain. I opened the jar and got a whiff of the subtle yet tantalising aroma. I put a teaspoon of the coffee into a cup, added boiling water and the scent intensified – smelling truly devine.

I might actually be addicted to this hazlenut coffee – was my startling revelation when taking out four or five empty jars for recycling at the end of the month. I’ve shared it with friends & family who’ve tried it and love it.

Smooth Caramel was all right, but not a sweet as you’d expect. It lacked any wow-factor and was a poor comparison to having a shot of caramel in your latte at the coffee shop.

Delicate Vanilla I’ve not tried. I like vanilla as a scent, but not keen on the taste.

The Flavour Collection is luxurious coffee without the ridiculous price tag. Douwe Egberts have got the blend spot on with Roasted Hazlenut; but needs to sweeten the Smooth Caramel and consider an alternative flavour to the Delicate Vanilla.

Douwe Egberts ought to make sure The Flavour Collection is on the shelfs at all supermarkets and make the coffee available in all sizes of jars (rather than just the small-sized ones).

If you’re looking for some instant posh coffee, why not try Roasted Hazlenut which will be available to buy in a supermarket nearby or on Amazon.

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