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The Adventure of a Lifetime – Going to India

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My Travels: India – The Adventure of a Lifetime

Today, right at this moment, I’m on a flight for the adventure and experience of a lifetime in India.

So how did this happen? Well…before I start, let me just say something about being a Writer.

Sometimes you write something, for yourself because you feel it needs to be written and put it out there expecting no sort of reaction from anyone who happens to read it. But then, for some bizarre reason, people connect to what you’ve wrote and like and comment on it. This was what happened when I wrote my recovery from depression blog post.

A good friend, who I haven’t seen or really spoken to for a number of years was among the commenters on my recovery from depression. We got talking and he very kindly invited me to India to share in his happiness; as he’s going to India to marry his gorgeous and wonderful fiancée.

I’m going for a week and will get to experience an Indian Wedding, see what life is like for Indian’s in New Delhi and finishing off with a visit the Taj Mahal.

I’ve been really excited since I booked the flights. It will be immense. There’s been so much to sort that I wrote a list:
Tick Box Bullet Point Immunisations
Tick Box Bullet Point Tourist Visa
Tick Box Bullet Point Flights
Tick Box Bullet Point Megabus down to London
Tick Box Bullet Point Travel from Victoria Coach Station, London to Heathrow Airport.
Tick Box Bullet Point Travel Insurance
Tick Box Bullet Point Medication Letter
Tick Box Bullet Point Borrow a Suitcase
Tick Box Bullet Point New Clothes:


Some New T-Shirts


New Vests 1


New Vests 2


New clothes: T-shirt and Shorts

Now that everything has been sorted and I’m off on the flight, all that’s left is to enjoy and take plenty of photos. I’ll write all about India when I return.

Write soon,


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