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Where is GJ?

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GJ disapeared off my Facebook friends list a few weeks ago now. When I tried to ring him (to see if he fancied the cinemas), no answer. In the end I had to ring an ex-partner and ask him to pass my number over facebook to GJ. I thought that GJ may have lost his phone and facebook had played up and deleted me, but this wasn’t the case. He had read I have a date on Saturday and had felt jealous. He told me when he eventually texted me that he didn’t want to read more. My response: Well it’s your choice to read my blog.

Sound harsh? I have often blogged about my blog being a creative outlet and allowing me to express how I feel about things. I can’t and won’t start censoring what I write to please or not upset people. GJ and I have a very complex history and relationship.

The basics are that we have tried dating and being in a relationship several times and it doesn’t work. We end up falling out and not talking for months. I hate not having him in my life so we decided to remain friends always.

When I realised that he had choose to delete me on facebook as a friend and choose not to answer my calls and texts it hurt. I had relied on him to always be there for me. Is that wrong? I mean after all he has no responsibility or obligation towards me. And if he met someone I’d be a little jealous that he’d have less time for me, but if the guy made him happy, I’d be happy for him. Sigh.

We got talking again and I invited him to mine for a gathering of some of my closest friends. He barely spoke to them, sat there with his arms folded and left early. He always seems to want more than friendship. One thing I know for definitate: is that it hasn’t worked in the past and therefore the probability of it working if we attempted it again is low. Besides which a good friend of mine always says “Move on to pastures new. There’s a reason it didn’t work.”

I reflected on the experience and to be honest, after his performance the other night and the fact that I actually like being single (selfishly I don’t have to consider anyone else) I am more than happy with a friendship with GJ. I simply wish that’s all that he wanted.

How can I handle this situation? Any advice or answers on a postcard please, or better yet: post a comment.


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Out of Ink

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During the day before we went watching District 9 (see District 9 Film Review). GJ and I had gone shopping for a new printer he needed. At the till he was asked: “Would you like to buy any ink cartridges?” To which I answered:
“No, it comes with them.”
(Obiously thinking that he could get the cartidges cheaper than the £18 they were in the shop, trying to save him money!)
“They are only starter ones. They only do about 50 pages.”
“We’ll be fine.” I answered for him again.
(Goddess, I’m quite very bad at that at times, when I think I’m right!)

So I had grand plans the other night: Jaquizi bath, a good meal and chill. Then GJ texted me, stating his printer had run out of ink! I felt really bad, so offered to pick him up and take him back to mine to complete the printing for him. He kept saying it wasn’t my fault but I felt guilty. He needed the work the following morning and it was too late for him to go anywhere and buy any.

I scoffed a quick tea down and picked him up. It was lovely to see him. I don’t quite know why, but I have a lot of positive regard for him. We have previously been out (see An update on men and Men, he was called the friendly ex in these posts). I guess I still have some feelings for him, especially after our recent conversation (see District 9 Film Review).

My love life seems to be getting more and more confusing and more and more complicated. Yet, I have had the honest conversation about staying friends with them both. What’s going on?

Blog soon (hopefully less confused),


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District 9 Film Review

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GJ and I went watching District 9 at the weekend. Before going we looked at the reviews. It’s the story of a mother ship stopping over Johannesburg, South Africa. After being unable to communicate with the ship they decide to board it and find some rather malnurished aliens (that kindof look like giant insects). They fly them down to a protected area on the surface and it quickly becomes a lawless slum.

Wikus van de Merwe is head of MNU (Multinational United) is incharge of relocating the aliens from the orignal surface site to another consentration camp looking site. But then he gets infected with alien DNA – required to work alien technology (such as the alien weapons). He starts to become what he hates a shrimp (negative term used by humans to describe the aliens). The special effects throughout the film are fantastic.

Wikus goes on the run and meets Christopher (an alien) who says he can change him back human if he can get to the mother ship. It becomes werid (but good) sci fi heartwarming story that makes you feel for Christopher, his rather cute looking son and the rest of the aliens wanting to go home.

I would give it 3 stars out of 5. Although it had a good story line, fantastic effects, it was some what unmemoriable. I wouldn’t be rushing to buy it on DVD.

Afterwards GJ came to mine for a brew. We had an intense conversation about emotions. What is it with men at the moment? Are they trying to completely confuse both my heart and mind?

Write soon,


You can buy District 9 on DVD: District 9 [DVD] @ Amazon.

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