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District 9 Film Review

GJ and I went watching District 9 at the weekend. Before going we looked at the reviews. It’s the story of a mother ship stopping over Johannesburg, South Africa. After being unable to communicate with the ship they decide to board it and find some rather malnurished aliens (that kindof look like giant insects). They fly them down to a protected area on the surface and it quickly becomes a lawless slum.

Wikus van de Merwe is head of MNU (Multinational United) is incharge of relocating the aliens from the orignal surface site to another consentration camp looking site. But then he gets infected with alien DNA – required to work alien technology (such as the alien weapons). He starts to become what he hates a shrimp (negative term used by humans to describe the aliens). The special effects throughout the film are fantastic.

Wikus goes on the run and meets Christopher (an alien) who says he can change him back human if he can get to the mother ship. It becomes werid (but good) sci fi heartwarming story that makes you feel for Christopher, his rather cute looking son and the rest of the aliens wanting to go home.

I would give it 3 stars out of 5. Although it had a good story line, fantastic effects, it was some what unmemoriable. I wouldn’t be rushing to buy it on DVD.

Afterwards GJ came to mine for a brew. We had an intense conversation about emotions. What is it with men at the moment? Are they trying to completely confuse both my heart and mind?

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