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Signs From Marie Laveau?

By Thursday 8 February 2024Paganism

Marie Laveau (1801-1881) was an African American lady who was a Voodoo Practitioner, Wise Woman, Herbal Healer, Spiritual & Community Leader and Business Women in New Orleans, USA. This incredible woman I recently got educated about by my good friend Sally, at The Lancashire Witch.

Since Sally told me about Marie Laveau, I’ve been unable to escape very obvious signs that I need to know more about this wonderful woman. The first sign was reading something about Marie Laveau’s gris gris bags.

I’ve been creating gris gris charm bags and feeding them daily with an oil mixes ever since I came across the idea online several years ago. I even put some of these type of Spells into my book SpellCast – Folk Magic for the 21st Century, that I co-authored with Luna Hare. I had no idea that these type of Spells came from Voodoo.

The next sign came when a book by Marie Laveau appeared on my Facebook feed. Someone had posted it in a Witchcraft group. The thing is though: it wasn’t a Witchcraft group that I was a part of or had ever liked or commented on anything in. Now, I don’t always pick up on subtle signs and I am almost famous for ignoring signs, passing them off as coincidences.

But this was like a slap in the face of a sign to me. I’m not sure what the spirit of Marie Laveau wants with me, a White, British, Gay Witch. But Marie, or Mrs Laveau, whichever you prefer, you’ve got my attention and I’m listening. Feel free to send more signs and for my part I’ll be doing some more research into your life and Voodoo practices.

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