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Not Sure If You’ll Enjoy My New Book – My Royal Navy Friend? Well Here’s Every Chapter Title

By Wednesday 10 January 2024Amazon, Books & Authors, Creativity

My new book, My Royal Navy Friend, is out now. It is a collection of 52 emails to my dear friend Roy, who enlisted in the Royal Navy. It also includes Royal Navy Facts and Stories. But just in case you’re not sure if it’s going to be your cup of tea, here is a full list of topics/chapters:

110 Dinosaur Facts
2Some Wonders of the World
3Navy Jokes
4Inspirational Quotes
5Weird UK Laws
6Would You Rather?
7Most Common Myths
8Gay Animals
9A List of Qualities in People that Inspire Me
10Future Technology to Be Excited About
1125 Date Ideas
12How to Fight a Shark
13How to Woo a Turtle
14Some of the Most Amazing Jobs in the World
15The Cycle of Change
16Things To Look Forward To
17Facts About Castles
18Dad Jokes
19Do Aliens Exist?
20Solve These Puzzles
21The Best-Selling Objects of All Time
22Some of the Most Impressive Inventions by Mankind
23Facts About Disney that You Probably Didn’t Know
24The Kindest Humans
25A List of Cakes
26Dark Jokes
27Why Do People Hoard?
28Tips to Deal with Loss
29What To Do if You Meet a Dolphin
3113 Weird Body Facts
32Bottom Humour
3310 Ways to Be More Creative
34Stress: What It Is & How To Beat It
35Will AI Robots Take Over The World?
3620 Super Space Facts
37Bar Jokes
38Famous Film Quotes
399 Travel Tips
40Ancient Egyptian Curses
41Things Money Can’t Buy
42Whatever Happened to The Roman Empire?
43Mood Lifters
44Neurodiversity Super Powers
4510 Weird Olympic Games
46Some Wonderful Words We Should Use More
47How to Teach a Sea Lion to Dance
48The Great Emu War of 1932
49Quiz: Flags of the World
50Legendary Characters from the UK
51A Survival Guide to a Zombie Apocalypse
52Ida & Louise Cook: An Extraordinary & Inspirational Story

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