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Conwy Castle with Simon

By Thursday 13 May 2021Friends & Family, Happiness & Joy
Simon & Me.

To celebrate my upcoming 35th birthday, my good friend Simon and I visited Conwy Castle in North Wales.

Essential Info

  • Conwy Castle is a well preserved, grand structure that once was a medieval fortress.
  • It was impressively built in just 4 years.
  • Admission Prices can be found here. Due to COVID-19, tickets must be purchased in advance of the visit.
  • Opening Times can be found here.
  • Parking is available, charged using Pay and Display.
  • Conwy Town has little else to offer, apart from the Castle visit.
  • Conwy Castle can be easily found using Sat Navigation or Google Maps.
  • At the time of our visit walking along the inside walls was not permitted.

Here are some photos of the Castle, click on any photo for full size image:

Stairs to Conwy Castle Entrance.
Conwy Castle (outside 1).
Walk Along the Wall (1).
Conwy Castle Wooden Sculpture.
Inside Conwy Castle (2) – The Well.
Inside Conwy Castle (4) – A Tower.
Conwy Castle (outside 2).
Walk Along the Wall (2), view from arrow slit.
Inside Conwy Castle (1).
Inside Conwy Castle (3) – View from arrow slit in a tower.

Inside Conwy Castle (5) – One of the smaller fireplaces.
Inside Conwy Castle (6) – The Bridge.
Inside Conwy Castle (7) – View.
Inside Conwy Castle (8).
Inside Conwy Castle (9) – Window.
Inside Conwy Castle (10).

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