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Visiting Skipton

By Sunday 16 February 2020Friends & Family, Happiness & Joy

My good friend Simon and I recently visited Skipton. Skipton is home to a superbly preserved castle, but Simon and I didn’t get chance to see it.

We explored the town, on a regular day, rather than a market day. It had lots of lovely little shops. Some reasonably priced, some not. Some selling some unique products, some selling tat.

There were a couple of new age/holistic well-being shops selling crystals and the like, but no pagan shops selling witchcraft supplies.

We had a pub lunch and then went for a walk following the upward path of an unknown waterfall. Here are some photos of the waterfall:

Unknown Waterfall (1)
Unknown Waterfall (3)
Unknown Waterfall Dinosaur (1)
Unknown Waterfall (2)
Unknown Waterfall (4)
Unknown Waterfall Dinosaur (2)

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