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Book Review: Hero by Michael Grant

By Sunday 1 March 2020Amazon, Books & Authors, Reviews

Hero is the epic and thrilling third book in a trilogy that follows on from the superb and super selling Gone Series.

The first book in the trilogy was Monster which I reviewed here. The second book was Villain which I reviewed here.

The Gone Series had six books:

  1. Gone which I reviewed here.
  2. Hunger which I reviewed here.
  3. Lies which I reviewed here.
  4. Plague which I reviewed here.
  5. Fear which I reviewed here.
  6. Light which I reviewed here.

Hero starts with another asteroid falling over New York city. This leads to the introduction of two new main characters, one a hero and one a villain. These two new main characters also happen to be father and daughter.

Bob Markovic becomes bugs able to infect people with hideous diseases, yet keep them alive to suffer. These diseases are so bad that it makes suffers beg for death. Simone, Bob’s daughter, can morph turning her skin blue with tiny little wings that enables her to fly.

The book is full of exhilarating action, exciting plot twists and turns and answers to questions. Questions that include: Does Sam take to dose of rock? If he does, what power does he get second time round? Who are the dark watchers? Are they real or a simulation? Will anything ever been normal again?

My only slight disappointment was the book’s last chapter. The overall conclusion of the series was left open to the reader. This left me feeling cheated and that the unwritten contract between the writer and reader had been broken. But that is just my personal opinion, others will love that it has been left open to their imagination.

I can’t recommend the Gone Series enough. Buy it, read it, enjoy it.

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