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All Write Up North Event – Wigan Has Plenty of Writers

By Saturday 8 February 2020Books & Authors, Creativity, Friends & Family
All Write Up North, Image From & Copyright Wigan Council, 2020.

All Write Up North was the first Writers, Authors and Illustrators event in Wigan. The event was held yesterday and was hosted by Wigan Council’s Libraries. The event was well attended and had a warm welcome. Refreshments were available throughout and lunch was provided. The event couldn’t have been better organised.

I went along hoping to learn something from the workshops, to use the opportunity to network and to promote my book.

I didn’t manage to get into any of the workshops. The first one I missed due to the room being too small for the number of people interested, the other two I missed due to getting chatting to some friends and losing track of time.

It was wonderful to be around so many Writers. Although being honest it was a little disappointing to see the lack of Writers in my age group, most where older.

I met author of Address Book, Simon Tingle. Address Book is a short book of poetry about the people that have or do inspire him. I shall do a book review soon.

I’m looking forward to future events and to entering any future competitions they have. I only found out about the event a few days before. So to avoid this happening again, I am now following @WiganLibraries on Twitter.

Write soon,


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