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Book Review: Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

By Friday 23 February 2018Amazon, Books & Authors, Reviews
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In Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella, a routine insurance medical gives Sylvie and Dan some shocking news – that they have at least another 68 years of marriage ahead of them.

So Sylvie comes up with an idea – that they should surprise each other. This idea leads to disastrous consequences, funny scenes and the abandonment of the idea.

But from the outset there’s a mystery that entices the reader to read on. The reader comes up with questions like:

  1. Why does Dan always go tense whenever Sylvie mentions her father?
  2. Why does Sylvie’s mum always go quiet or dismiss Sylvie when she talks about her imaginary friend Lynn?

As well as the mystery, there’s normal life going on. Sylvie & Dan have two young daughters, Dan’s working very hard and there’s lots of change afoot in Sylvie’s job.

Sylvie is an engaging character and the book is written from her first person perspective. However Sylvie does get repetitive to the point of more than mildly annoying for the reader.

Sylvie and Dan’s friend and neighbour Tilda and her son Toby are fascinating characters, the only ones really worth mentioning and a novel telling their stories would be awesome.

What really let this book down was the generic and uninspiring book cover. Who designed and approved this? The background colour is unappealing. Sylvie’s defining feature is her long hair that flows down her back like Rapunzel, yet this isn’t represented by the character on the cover.

Surprise Me is a fun, easy read. However it doesn’t compare to Kinsella’s previous releases – particularly The Shopaholic Series.

Surprise Me is available to buy on Amazon and at all good book shops.

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