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Book Review: Smoke by Catherine McKenzie

By Sunday 1 October 2017Amazon, Books & Authors, Reviews
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Who started the fire that threatens to set the town ablaze? Fire Investigator Elizabeth needs to answer.

Could Angus, my secretive son, have been involved with starting the fire? Mum Mindy asks herself.

In Smoke by Catherine McKenzie, former best friends Elizabeth and Mindy have these two questions in their mind.

But Smoke is so much more than just a whodunnit story. Both Elizabeth and Mindy are complex characters with complex lives.

For Elizabeth it’s about her desperation to have a child, the potential ending of her marriage and about her finally looking her problems and fears in the eye and navigating them the best that she can.

For Mindy it’s about wanting to do more than just be a wife and mother. It’s about her wanting to make a difference and find herself. That is until her son is in the frame for the fire.

The story is set over 6 days. Each chapter is set from the first person perspective of one of the two main characters. The description, dialogue and pacing are all excellent. McKenzie uses plenty of hooks that ignite the readers curiosity and drive the reader to read on. The character development is good on the whole, but the plot lacked realness towards the end.

The reader will have lots of opinion-flipping about characters, whodunnit and the plot overall. The reader will enjoy both characters unique and engaging voices, which is a huge credit to McKenzie.

Smoke is a pleasurable read and is available to buy on Amazon.

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