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By Tuesday 28 May 2013Life, Love & Relationships, Thinking
My Birthday Presents - Happy Birthday Cake

My Birthday Presents – Happy Birthday Cake

I’ve been twenty-seven for a fortnight now, and I’ve discovered that it’s no different than being twenty-six. I had a brilliant birthday which involved: spending time with family & friends, visiting The Druid Circle & Millom Castle and lots of lovely presents.

I remember turning twenty and having a fear about losing my youth; I was quite down about it until I realised that it’s inevitable. Although there’s no difference between twenty-seven and twenty-six, every birthday causes me to stop and reflect on my life.

This years birthday has made me think about love. I met my first love when he was around twenty-seven years old. I was younger than him and he had to decide whether he was going to risk his heart or play it safe.

He choose to play it safe. I understand his decision now; more so than I ever did before. By twenty-seven he must have experienced his heart break several times. It’s a natural to have mechanisms to protect yourself from further pain.

But I hope that next time I meet someone special, I don’t let my past get in the way. Instead I hope that I believe in them, believe in love and make positive choices that lead to happiness.

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