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New Experiences for 2013

By Monday 7 January 2013Adventures, Thinking

A few years ago I used to set yearly goals, then I decided to have goals without the year end marking the deadline for their completion. But thinking about 2013, I really want to have new experiences that encourage my growth as a person. So I’ve set myself some monthly challenges:

January – Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

February – Take a photo every day.

March – Be honest. Don’t lie, not even those little white lies.

April – Socialise in new places and meet new people.

May – See the sun rise & set (not necessarily on the same day).

June – Do something for someone else that is completely selfless.

July – Visit a site of historical significance.

August – Try a food that you would usually turn you’re nose up at saying you don’t like it before you’ve even tried it.

September – Publish a short story online.

October – See Wicked (the Musical).

November – Have a “pamper” night in.

December – Rest & Relax. Despite the busy pace this time of year, take plenty of time for R&R.

Over 2013 I will of course write about these experiences here on my blog.

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