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Meeting Family, Getting Closer & Making Plans

Boyfriend-W was over last week and some of this week on a prearranged holiday to see his family and friends. We took the opportunity to spend some time together seen as we live in separate countries. Here’s what we got up to:

Thursday – Boyfriend-W arrives, we have a take away and I meet his Nan.

Friday – Boyfriend-W’s dads 60th party. An opportunity to meet most of his family as well as some of his friends. I’m pleased to say I got well with the family and as for his friends, at one point in the evening they said:
“Just to let you know, you’ve passed.”
I replied “Passed? I was just being me.”

Saturday – A friend of the families party in my town. They loved him, perhaps more than me. He met my mum and her partner and got a massive seal of approval (how could they not love him? I do, he’s amazing.) We stayed at mine and he was suitably impressed with my apartment.

Sunday – Mothers day. We visited my very-hung-over mum. Then we headed of to Manchester to stay overnight in Manchester Gay Village. We had lots to drink and by the end of it, both felt partied out.

Monday – We took his nieces watching Alice in Wonderland in 3D. I think I was more excited about seeing this film than his nieces, especially considering it was directed by Tim Burton and stared Johny Depp. The film was bizarre being too dark for children but being too child-like for teens. The 3D wasn’t what I expected, but it was quite cool.

Tuesday – I was back in work in the day, but we went round to his aunties who cooked the best food I’ve had in years (think it must run in the family, as he’s a wonderful cook as well). Before bed some wonderful gifts were exchanged on both sides.

Wednesday – I drove him to the airport. Didn’t want to let him go back, but knew he had too.

So we’ve met each others family, got a lot closer and have been making some plans for the future (can’t reveal too much about this yet!).

Blog soon,


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  • Mike says:

    Wow, that’s a lot to cram into one weekend. I’m glad it wasn’t overly intense – all these things to get out of the way in such a short time; necessities every one. I’m glad they went well. AND I can’t wait to hear about your future plans! In the meantime I do hope you get to see each-other soon 🙂

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