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Following on from the Weekend

By Saturday 6 February 2010Life, Love & Relationships

Following on from the Weekend (see A Weekend Away, Up North – Adventure 1) E and I have been in touch quite a bit. When I asked him about this weekend, he said he was unavailable.

E said that he couldn’t commit to any sort of relationship right now because of stuff (I have more details than just “Stuff” but that’s his private info that I’d never publish). A few more messages where exchanged as I was really confused at one point. I managed to establish that he likes me and he wants to keep in contact. I think perhaps as well as the stuff going on there’s fear?

Fear of being hurt, the safer option to avoid/run away from anything that could hurt you. I geninually think that he likes me as much as I like him. So I’ve left it open, I’ve basically said: I still like you. I want to continue to get to know you. I am happy to message/speak on the telephone but I’d also like at some point to see you in person again.

Any advice? It’s always welcome and listened too.

A little-gutted Antony

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