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Book Review: The Rapture by Liz Jenson

By Friday 10 September 2010Amazon, Books & Authors, Reviews
The-Rapture-Liz-Jensen I bought The Rapture by Liz Jensen after hearing about it on The TV Book Club. The rapture is a story about the end of the world, yet it has more. The two main characters include Gabrielle a psychologist whose in a wheel chair following an accident and Bethany a psychotic child locked up in an institution after killing her mother.

Gabrielle comes to work at the institution where Bethany is locked up and starts to work with Bethany. After trying all other treatments they begin to try ECT (electric convulsive therapy) which Bethany loves as she claims it helps her see the future. After Bethany predicts several ecological disasters accurately Bethany predicts a big one that will change life for all of man kind. By this point Gabrielle is convinced Bethany can predict the future as is her scientist friend come lover Fraser. Gabrielle and Fraser try to tell people but they will not listen, after all who’d listen from a prediction with no scientific basis from a “crazy person”.

Liz the author does describes scenes and people in so much detail that you can picture them perfectly in this critics have dubbed a thriller. Whereas this detailed description makes reading the story like watching a film, it does at times hinder the stories progression. The most significant incidence of is when Liz goes in to much technical detail of how the ecological disaster Bethany has predicted will happen. Liz goes in to great scientific detail about how it will occur and although I do commend her on her research it felt like too much detail to me.

As the book draws to a conclusion you begin to care about the characters which comes from understanding were the characters have come from and why they are flawed. By the end of the book it makes you question what man kind are doing to the planet and it’s potential consequences. The book was a pleasure to read and gave me much to think about. You can buy The Rapture by Liz Jensen on Amazon.

I am currently reading I am What I am by John Barrowman, One Day by David Nicholls, Look Back in Hunger: The Autobiography by Jo Brand & Astral Travel for Beginners by Richard Webster so expect more book reviews soon.

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