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A review of the 2009 Goals I set Myself

By Saturday 2 January 2010Life, Thinking

A year ago I wrote myself a list of goals for the year (see Goals for 2009). Some I’ve completed, even exceeded were as some haven’t been met. So let’s have a look shall we?

Health – To Improve my blood sugar control, eat better & be generally healthy.

Well I had a prolonged period of ill health June / July time. I had to see a consultant it was that bad. So I didn’t achieve the “to be generally healthy” goal in 2009.

Financial – To pay off debts (one from last year I didn’t actually manage to do).

Nah not managed to do this either. Probably because I bought an apartment (see The Move

Home – To put together a dream home book and start working towards it.

Actually superseded this one by buying my apartment.

Adventures – To go to Italy for two weeks and explore the culture, places and people that inhabit this land.

Didn’t manage this one. David and I had planned to do this but we couldn’t agree on where in Italy to go. We ultimately decided not to go.

Creative – To do some more candle making (see A Visit to Simon’s) and some creative writing.

Didn’t manage to as much creative stuff as I would of liked, but I did do some.

Be There – To continue to be there for family & friends who I am very lucky to have

Hopefully I achieved this one, guess only they could Judge?

A Magickal Grand Plan
I also completed a A Magickal Grand Plan. So how does this fit in to my yearly goal setting? We the Magickal Grand Plan is like a overall plan of what I want to achieve and the yearly goal setting helps me to get there.

Coming soon, my goals for 2010. 🙂


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