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This Weekend & The Cabinet

By Wednesday 17 June 2009Friends & Family, Home, Life

As you are probably aware from my previous post (see David & The Housewarming), I have canceled my housewarming. This ment I needed to make plans for the weekend. So Simon have decided to go to Manchester Minerals.

A few months ago I went with David and I saw this beautiful quartz cluster that was £200. Rather sensibly David suggested that I didn’t really need it and that there were more important things I needed for the apartment (see The Move). He was right. But Simon and I are going back to see if it’s still there, if It is I was meant to be.

Talking about things I want, do you remember The Cabinet? Well it’s been reduced, but it’s still expensive. I can visualise it in my living room. I guess I’ll have to see how much I get paid and really think about if it’s worth the price. I could even hold on to see if they reduce it more but there’s always a risk that they’ll sell out. What do you think I should do?

Blog soon,

Antony x

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