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The Weird Dream

By Saturday 10 January 2009Life, Paganism, Thinking

In the last week I haven’t slept well as you may know (see The Week of Recovery if you don’t).

But on one occasion when I did sleep during the week, I had the weirdest dream:

First there was some sort of battle going on, with a struggle and I was trying to save someone.

Then I suddenly appeared at the side door of a building and saw a wiseman who I recognised. I wanted to ask him how the struggle went, what happened, and if I saved the person I was trying too.

A brown, old fashioned leather suitcase appeared in my hand. The wise man ignored me and started to walk away. I decided to follow him. He stopped and looked at this side door. By his look I assumed he wanted me to go through it. But when I looked at the door the shutter was down. Knowing that it was the side door, I decided to walk round to the front main entrance.

The wise man, looked at the door and the shutter opened. The wise man walked through and I followed. I asked “where do I go now?” He walked towards an escalator and I followed. I realised it was a dream and woke (or at least I thought).

I was in my room with stuff all over the floor (which is typical of my room, I am not the domestic goddess I would like to be). I felt very restricted with what I was wearing. I stood up out of my bed and unzipped and took off the tightest body-warmer ever. Underneath it was another one so I did the same with other body-warmer. I felt restricted wearing them and very warm.

I decided I needed some water. I went over to my desk and picked up a glass hexagon in shape with water in and took a sip. I went to put the glass down but it would not stand with out spilling the water.

Next to my desk I saw a bucket about half filled with water. I poured the water out of the glass in to the bucket on the floor. Then the bucket started to leak all over the floor. I remember feeling panicked about the water all over the floor.

I then realised I was in another dream and woke myself up.

Weird, eh? If any of you are good at dream interpretation please leave a comment with some interpretational stuff.

Thanks & Good Night,


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