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Need to talk to you

By Wednesday 21 October 2009Friends & Family, Love & Relationships

Text sent:
What are your plans for Saturday? 🙂

Text recieved:
Not sure but will discuss it when I call, need to talk to you

So I called the date who shall remain nameless. He said that he wanted to develop a friendship rather than a relationship. This is fine. We’d only seen each other a few times, so nothing was really invested. No risk, no gain, apparently. I like to stay friends with all those people I’ve dated (not that there’s been that many!), so that’s good.

He did invite me to the cinemas on Saturday, which we’d orignally intended to be our second date. So I declined. I explained that we needed to keep clear boundaries and maybe it wasn’t the best idea, but another time?

I thanked him for our date as I genunially enjoyed it. In reflection it also increased my confidence, just to know that someone was interested in me and it proved I was still able to attract the interest.

Write soon,


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  • Mike says:

    I’m glad you had a nice date. And I’m glad you’ve met a new friend! I always enjoyed dating when I was doing it, but it was never really nice to be ‘let down’ even if it’s done politely. I hope you have meny more dates in the future, and you enjoy them all very much 😉

    You’ve always seemed – impressivley so – well centred and relatively at ease with life, both the highs and lows. Very positive. Emulating that in some ways is an aspiration.

    Secondly, what creams (previous post)? I’m older than you – I need to know!!

  • Antony says:

    Thank you for the complement. I try and be well centred and keep all aspects of my life in balance. Of course, I don’t always achieve this, as life often isn’t balanced.

    I have no doubt that if we lived closer, we’d be good friends. We think simliarly and anyone who complements me is an instant friend (lol, just discovered how fickle I am).

    With the creams, I only noticed one or two that he uses. I shall do a blog post, when I’ve found out all that he uses and tried them all, lol.

    Hugs as always,

    A x

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