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I have a date on Saturday

By Friday 16 October 2009Love & Relationships

I am excited to be going for a meal in a fancy resturant with a man who shall remain nameless. It is technically not the first time I have seen him. Two nights this week I have been round at his for brews. He is lovely, caring, friendly, funny (at times) and very sexy.

We’ve had some relatively deep conversations and I have let slip things about myself that I wouldn’t normally let slip. I just can’t seem to control my mouth when I am around him. For example I said I’d miss him. And he picked up on it and said “Awwe. Your going to miss me?” To which I replied:
“No. forget I said that. It just slipped out.”

So yes, I am infactuated. I learned that the ex didn’t do my confidence any good. As I repeatedly said to this man if he wanted to cancel the date he could and just let me know on text if he didn’t want to tell me face to face. I also told him I don’t know what he sees in me. I don’t think that I’m unattractive but nore attractive. A friend told me off, and rightly so. How can I expect anyone else to like me if I don’t? I explained to this man why I had said these things and stated that I wouldn’t say them anymore. To which he replied “Good.”

The theory is that your brain is like a spounge, tell it something enough times and it will believe it. So here goes:
I am a good-looking, attractive, sexy young man. One who is caring, considerate, funny, mad (but in a good way) and an individual. I have a lot to offer in a relationship.

I intend to get my hair cut tomorrow and make myself look good. The only question now, what to wear?

Blog soon,


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