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Honest Coversations

By Monday 17 August 2009Friends & Family, Love & Relationships

A few weeks ago I had some honest conversations. I am proud of the fact I was honest about how I feel about people. I am the type of person to keep my feelings to myself, so this is really a step forward.

The friendly ex (see An update on Men and Men) – I was honest and made it clear that I just wanted friendship. He was concerned that I might change my mind in a few months. I can understand this, given our history. But as I explained to him, I can only go off how I feel now. I think I can only have all (a relationship) or nothing (no friendship). This is a huge shame as he’s a wonderful guy.

The ex friend with benefits – I was honest after our recent date (see Harry Potter and Weridness), that emotionally I’ve moved on. I think he’ll make a good friend – we just need to keep the boundaries clear. I don’t want us slipping in to the old friends with benefits routine.

Blog soon,

Antony x

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  • Tony says:

    Writing a blog is all about communicating,
    I am sure this is your intention and you appear to have put a lot of work into it. But you may well fall at the first hurdle because I for one find the whole of it difficult to read. This may be because I am colour blind. I DO find it difficult to pick up pale blue(?) on the cardboard coloured background. You did publish some stats which suggested that people are not returning to your site very often. Could it be taht you don;t make it very easy for them?

  • Antony says:

    Hi Tony,

    Huge thanks for the feedback! The theme is a noticeboard with a page post on. I will take this on board and speak to my friend Sye who designed the website.

    Thanks again,

    A x

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