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Honest Coversations

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A few weeks ago I had some honest conversations. I am proud of the fact I was honest about how I feel about people. I am the type of person to keep my feelings to myself, so this is really a step forward.

The friendly ex (see An update on Men and Men) – I was honest and made it clear that I just wanted friendship. He was concerned that I might change my mind in a few months. I can understand this, given our history. But as I explained to him, I can only go off how I feel now. I think I can only have all (a relationship) or nothing (no friendship). This is a huge shame as he’s a wonderful guy.

The ex friend with benefits – I was honest after our recent date (see Harry Potter and Weridness), that emotionally I’ve moved on. I think he’ll make a good friend – we just need to keep the boundaries clear. I don’t want us slipping in to the old friends with benefits routine.

Blog soon,

Antony x

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