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Catching up on TV

By Saturday 31 January 2009Amazon, Life, TV, Online Streaming & Films

Good evening all!

What a busy week it’s been – well on the work front!

So I finally sat down to catch up on TV that I had saved on freeview recorder. Here some of my highlights:

I have only (back end of the last series) got in to Shameless! And goddess, was I missing out. It’s fantastic. Very funny and in many aspects true to life. I am seriously considering buying the previous series on Amazon (see Shameless Search @ Amazon). Perhaps I should add this too Things I want, but can’t afford – update?

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Gok Wang: Too Fat Too Young
In this documentary Gok Wang explores the relationship between young people’s weight & their self esteem. What’s most interesting, is that he looks at his own past and as a teenager he was big. What a shock? Especially as he looks sooo thin now. He explains that he was isolated as a teenager being gay and part-chinese in ethnic origin. These effecting his self esteem and leading to comfort eating and him balloning. Now his biography would be a good read!

Intrestingly my friend Sye has posted this on his blog:

Hey, just a quick post to tell you theres going to be a new article every month or so (depending on how long I can keep her subdued, which usually means not answering her calls until she comes knocking at the door) by a new writer to the site called Vivian.

You can read Vivian’s take on obesity here. Not sure I agree with her, apart from the comments around us needing to exercise more. We could all use some more exercise as a society. (Like the way I deflected it away from me as an individual?)

I really enjoy this programme. If only school could of been like this: education with fun and laughter thrown in. I’m sure we would have more achievers in the school system.

What am I missing? A particular good programme or series? Write a comment and let me know, who knows I may even watch it.

Have an ace weekend,


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  • Sye says:

    I saw that Gok Wang on 4OD (great service, recommend it highly) which is what convinced me to ask Old Viv for an article on the subject (well it was more like “Ms DeFlorican, what do you think about the rising rates in obesity?” at which point I sat through an hour and a half of her ranting about ‘McRonalds’ and the like, I faded out in the end and just told her to write it all down.)

    I don’t watch that much TV nowadays, its mostly DVD’s of Qi and stuff, I read more often now. One appointment I make sure not to miss is the sunday night project owith JLC and Alan Carr, very funny!

  • Antony says:

    Ha ha, yeah the Friday Night Project is always a good watch!

    A x

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