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Gok Wang

Catching up on TV

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Good evening all!

What a busy week it’s been – well on the work front!

So I finally sat down to catch up on TV that I had saved on freeview recorder. Here some of my highlights:

I have only (back end of the last series) got in to Shameless! And goddess, was I missing out. It’s fantastic. Very funny and in many aspects true to life. I am seriously considering buying the previous series on Amazon (see Shameless Search @ Amazon). Perhaps I should add this too Things I want, but can’t afford – update?

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Gok Wang: Too Fat Too Young
In this documentary Gok Wang explores the relationship between young people’s weight & their self esteem. What’s most interesting, is that he looks at his own past and as a teenager he was big. What a shock? Especially as he looks sooo thin now. He explains that he was isolated as a teenager being gay and part-chinese in ethnic origin. These effecting his self esteem and leading to comfort eating and him balloning. Now his biography would be a good read!

Intrestingly my friend Sye has posted this on his blog:

Hey, just a quick post to tell you theres going to be a new article every month or so (depending on how long I can keep her subdued, which usually means not answering her calls until she comes knocking at the door) by a new writer to the site called Vivian.

You can read Vivian’s take on obesity here. Not sure I agree with her, apart from the comments around us needing to exercise more. We could all use some more exercise as a society. (Like the way I deflected it away from me as an individual?)

I really enjoy this programme. If only school could of been like this: education with fun and laughter thrown in. I’m sure we would have more achievers in the school system.

What am I missing? A particular good programme or series? Write a comment and let me know, who knows I may even watch it.

Have an ace weekend,


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