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Adam Lambert

By Saturday 5 December 2009Gay, Music & Radio, The Web

Adam Lambert for those of us in the UK who might not know about him is the runner up in American Idol (the American equivilant of xfactor). Tia a fellow blogger has blogged about him on several occasions. Well according to Daily Dose of Queer has caused a storm in America for his raunchy act on The American Music Awards and for kissing another man on television.

Adam Lambert is gay and the words in his song are indeed raunchy, so shouldn’t his act be? See the video of his performance below:

(Edit: Unfortunately the video’s been removed on youtube, but I’ve found it here: have a loook. I don’t know why people are trying to supress it by claiming copyright.)

I quite like the song, actually. And my rebelious side loves the act and the gay kiss. Time to grow up American audience, we are now in the 21st centry. Would the same reaction of occured if Rihanna did a hetrosexual version of the song and performance? He comments on this performance:

So I’ve decided that I like Adam Lambert, especially with his boundary pushing. What do you think? Leave a comment.


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