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The value of customer service

By Sunday 28 September 2008Amazon, Money / Finances, Rants, Shopping

Many companies these days under estimate the value of good customer service to it’s customers. I have over the last 12 months experienced very poor customer service from serveral large companies including: a well-known British Telecommunications company, a mobile phone company (containing a 2 in it’s name) and a bank (which has singing bank managers in their adds). I thought about creating a wall of shame to name and shame these companies, but I wouldn’t want to give them the publicity. The problem with these companies ofcourse is that they have millions of customers most of which will put up with this poor customer service.

Well not me. I change companies, even if I have to pay more. That’s the value of customer service to me!

However I have decided to name some companies that would go in my Hall of Fame, if I had one. Two companies that have always given me excellent customer service are Amazon and ASDA. Of course you only test a companies customer service when you have a problem with their goods / services. I guess I am lucky that most of the time I don’t have a problem with goods / services that I purchase.

Where does this post come from? You are probably asking yourself. Well over the weekend David and I ate at a resturant. I was dissatisfied with the mash I ordered with my lamb cuttlets. It was suppose to be freshly made (for the price we’d paid) but it turned out to be smash. You know, the horrible instant stuff out of the packet. I complained and got the drinks for free and the meals half price, with an apology. That for me is excellent customer service.

Rant over.


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