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Reiki at the weekend

By Thursday 11 September 2008Life, Paganism

I am looking forward to my level 1 Reiki course at the weekend. Taught by a forma lecturer at university in complementary therapies. To get a head start (like I need one…ha…ha), here are some video’s I’ve watched on YouTube:

This one is about what Reiki is. I think the woman maybe quite knowledgeable. The bloke, who doesn’t seem to know that much (and whitters) unfortunatley does most of the talking. Antony Rating: 2 / 10.

This american woman gives a lot of knowledge about reiki and you see her practicing. However she does mention the 5th and 7th charka’s, which people new to reiki and the charka system may not be aware of.

As it’s late and I need to go to bed – I’ll add more soon. And I will let you know how the course goes.


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