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Blast from the past & Eagle Eye

I recently had a message on facebook from a old school mate, talk about a blast from the past! It was nice to hear off the person in question, if not a little odd.

This is the thing about facebook, it allows all mannors of people from your past to get in touch with you. Some you would like and some you may not. Now whilst I don’t mind this person getting in touch, I have had others add me as a friend that I’ve chose to ignore. Sometimes you past is your past for a reason.

In other news…David and I went watching Eagle Eye this weekend. It was an action film about two people who were being instructed to do things for an unknown purpose. It was all action. The story line was weak and easily worked out. A film that is worth watching once to say you’ve seen – but not worth buying on DVD.

Tomorrow I am going to see The Feeling, so excited.


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