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Book Review: Villain by Michael Grant

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Villain is the captivating second book in a trilogy that follows on from the superb and super selling Gone Series.

The first book in the trilogy was Monster which I reviewed here.

The Gone Series had six books:

  1. Gone which I reviewed here.
  2. Hunger which I reviewed here.
  3. Lies which I reviewed here.
  4. Plague which I reviewed here.
  5. Fear which I reviewed here.
  6. Light which I reviewed here.

In Villain we meet Dillon Poe, a boy who once morphed, can command anyone to do anything. Anyone who hears his voice must obey his every command, even if it means hurting themselves or others.

Dillon is a survivor of the Perdido Beach Anomaly. But unlike some of the other kids in Perdido Beach, Dillon didn’t get any special powers there. After Perdido Beach Dillon’s parents moved to Las Vegas – which is where most of the book is set.

Dillon buys some Perdido Beach Magic Stone online and after he consumes it. Afterwards he discovers he can morph into a greener and better version of himself. He discovers that when he’s morphed people must obey his every order. Dillon is a wannabe Comedian and when he morphs he has an audience, the dark watchers. Dillon sets out to do whatever he wants and to entertain his new audience. This inevitably leads to chaos in the streets, casinos and hotels that make up Las Vegas.

Then we catch up with Malik Tenerlife, Shade Darby and Cruz. Malik is in agony after most of his body was burnt in a battle at the end of Monster. Shade and Cruz make the decision to give some of the space rock to Malik, but it doesn’t work out quite as they had both hoped.

Shade, Cruz and Malik hear about Dillon’s antics and decide to be heroes. They team up with Dekka Talent and Armo and all make their way to Las Vegas.

Along the way a secret Army base, known as the Ranch, hopes to fight powers with powers. They have also been experimenting on soldiers, adding technology to their damaged bodies. It resembles a shop of horrors and the new heroes, with Dekka and Armo decide to close down the Ranch for good.

Tom Peaks, the Monster, wakes up with a hangover from hell. He finds himself in a cave, which is the torture chamber of Drake. Also known as Whip Hand.

Drake holds a grudge and still wants revenge on Sam Temple and Astrid Eillson. His anger seems to be targeted at Astrid. He really hates her.

Dekka visits Sam and Astrid. Dekka secretly gives Astrid some of the space rock.

Villain ends with an epic battle in Las Vegas and leaves the reader with lots of excitement for the next book in the series.

Villain is an addictive and page-turning read. The characters are brilliantly developed, they have a great level of depth and develop as the plot does.

The plot is good, but focused only on Las Vegas and parts of the United States. Pieces from the meteorite are falling to earth in locations all over the world. It would have been great to have characters that come together from all over the world.

Grant’s use of description enables the reader to imagine everything perfectly. Grant’s pacing expertly flows from fast action scenes to more moderate character and plot development scenes.

Villain is available to buy at all good book shops and on Amazon.

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Book Review: Light by Michael Grant

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light-michael-grant-book-cover Light is the sixth book in the Gone Series. The first book was Gone, which I have reviewed here. The second book was Hunger, which I reviewed here. The third book was Lies, which I have reviewed here. The fourth book was Plague, which I have reviewed here. The fifth book was Fear, which I have reviewed here.

In Light the barrier has become transparent and the outside world peer into the strange world of the FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone). A world without adults and where some kids have powers. The darkness has taken a body, the child of Caine & Diana, calling herself Gaia.

Gaia is bent on bringing death and destruction; for no other reason than the fact that she’s evil. It’s the EndGame and what an awesome one it is. Some characters will live and others will die. The characters are prey being hunted by Gaia, an enemy who aims to hunt them to extinction.

Light is anything but predictable and so much happens. The plot is as we’ve come to expect from Grant, fast-paced.

Light is thrilling, captivating and a book that was so good I didn’t want it to end. A brilliant finale in the Gone Series.

The ending includes the aftermath, what happens once the barrier comes down. I’m not ashamed to say that some of the final scenes brought a tear to my eye including: Sam & Quinn getting their friendship back to how it was, the ending for the two gay characters – Edilio & Roger, what happened to Brianna (Breeze) & Dahra and Orc’s redemption.

Overall Light is the best in the Gone Series, closely followed by Lies. The Gone Series is worth reading from start to finish. Here are the books in order: Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, Fear and Light.

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Book Review: Gone by Michael Grant

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gone-michael-grant-book-cover Gone by Michael Grant with it’s black cover and illumines title caught my eye and I was like a month to a flame. In truth, I’ve always wanted to buy this book. But knowing that it was part of a series of books and that I had a number of other books from publicists, I’ve put it off. That was until I saw 3 books for £10 in ASDA and couldn’t resist picking it up.

In Gone everybody over the age of fifteen disappears in the blink of an eye. There’s this impenetrable white wall/dome that extends around the Power Plant for a ten-mile radius encompassing Perdido Beach (a small southern Californian town), The CliffTop (a hotel), Coats Academy (a school for rich but naughty kids), a desert, part of a National Park and some agricultural land.

The kids are cut off from the outside world and some are starting to develop powers. Some of the animals are mutating and in a mine deep underground is The Darkness.

It has a host of likeable characters including: Sam the hero, Quinn best friend to Sam, Astrid the genius and Pete her little brother. There’s also a host of less likeable characters including: Caine the villain, Drake the sadistic and Diana the power reader – who reads kids and rates their powers like a signal indicator on a mobile phone: one bar, two bar, three bar or four bar.

Gone is jam-packed with action, which builds to an epic battle between Sam & Caine and their respective groups of kids. The book answers some of the readers questions like what made the adults disappear? And what created the barrier/dome?

But still leaves plenty of questions like what is the darkness? Will other kids develop powers? What’s the story of that kid from Coats who kept his head down when Caine and the others arrived in Perdido Beach? What will Orc do next? And will he get over Bette?

The book is so absorbing that you’ll find yourself saying ‘Just one more chapter before bed…’ before staying up to read three chapters. I haven’t enjoyed a book this much in ages. The next book in the series is Hunger which I have already started reading.

Review soon,



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