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Royal Variety Show

Royal Variety Show 2008, NO longer for the new comers!

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Hi All,

The Royal Variety Show is a British National Insititution. Much like tea or cucumber sandwiches.

Historically it has always been a place for new comers in the music, comedy and theatre fields. Any that appeared on The Royal Variety Show , later went on to be big.

So I have been saving the most recent one for watching on a chill night. Tonight was that night.

I am soo disappointed. No new talent. The performers included Take That, Leona Lewis, Jimmy Carr, Duffy, Peter Kay (as Geraldine McQueen), four west end musicals, too name a few. All big stars who’ve made it.

The exception to this was of course George Samson:

I wish it would go back to giving new comers in the fields a chance.

Ok, rant over. (I feel better now!)


P.S it was made better by John Barrowman performing ‘What about us’ and I particularly loved the gay couple centre stage! See for yourself:

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