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Book Review: The Humans by Matt Haig

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the-humans-matt-haig-book-cover The Humans is a unique and brilliant novel that you have to read.

Professor Andrew Martin is a Mathematician at Cambridge University. He is about to share his prove of the Riemann hypothesis. But up in the nights sky, among the stars is a planet with an alien race watching.

The Vonnadorians think Humans are savage. They have decided that Humans are not ready for the knowledge of Martin’s work and where it will lead them. So they send a nameless Alien in the guise of Professor Andrew Martin, to destroy the knowledge and anybody that knows of its existence.

The nameless Alien tells the story from his perspective, addressing others of his species. He starts by noticing the ugly appearance of Humans and the odd social conventions that we have. As he learns these social conventions he gets himself into hilarious situations that will have the Reader laughing aloud.

Pretending to be Professor Andrew Martin the Alien gets to know Martin’s Wife Isobel, Martin’s teenage son Gulliver and the family dog Newton. He becomes emotionally attached to them. To the point where he falls in love with Isobel, becomes a father figure to Gulliver and learns to communicate with Newton. He realises he has to make a difficult choice.

But he knows what ever decision he makes, his people won’t deviate from their plan. His people are driven by pure logic and in his society Mathematics is like the only religion.

His decision leads to another being sent to complete the job. But what will the Alien do?

The writers voice is captivating throughout. The characters were well-rounded and had the appropriate level of depth. The pacing was ideal. Every time the Reader gets to the end of a chapter he/she will think: just one more chapter, before I stop.

The Humans is throughly entertaining. Towards the end of the book the Alien writes a list giving advice to Gulliver. This 97 point list was great and will make the Reader think about life.

I can’t heap enough praise on this superb story. The Humans has become one of my all-time favourite books and one that I’ll read again and again.

The Humans is available to buy on Amazon.

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