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Christmas Tree, Cookies, Yule & Cats

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The festive period was a busy one, but a good one this year. It started with the preparation I bought The Vicar of Dibley – The Ultimate Collection [DVD], Miracle on 34th Street [DVD] & The Grinch [DVD] to get me in the festive mood and watched them while I wrapped presents and dressed Norbert the Norwegian (not really a Norwegian but it sounds better):

norbert-christmas-2012-1 norbert-christmas2012-2
Norbert waiting to be taken home. Norbert fully dressed.

Then Sye dressed me up as an African Woman against my Will (honestly!) and we made cinnamon & whole nut cookies:

cookies-christmas2012-1 cookies-christmas2012-2
Me as an African Woman. Cookies Up Close.
The completed cookie batches.

The idea Sye & I came up with was to make these cookies to give as homemade gifts to family & friends for Christmas. I don’t know about Sye’s family & friends but all mine that received them said they were delicious.

Yule kicked off the festive period with a relaxed gathering at Chrys’, with tasty food, wonderful company and making of festive wreaths. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well as I’d caught a bug before finishing work for the festive period, so by the time it came to making wreaths in the evening I was shattered. In true Yuletide spirit the group banded together and made me a wreath which was so kind of them to do.

Christmas day soon came around and I cooked Christmas dinner for Steve. I was so impressed with myself, but only thought after dinner that I should have took a photo. Dylan & Russell my cats enjoyed the day. I bought them a Crinkle Bag. They love the sound of it along with the cat nip bag sown on a string inside:

cats-christmas-2012-1 cats-christmas2012-2
Oh a crinkle bag! OMG there’s catnip inside!

They discovered some wrapping I’d left out and decided to put it on their head and walk around bumping into the walls. After a while they sussed out that if they put their paw in front on them to feel for walls they wouldn’t bang their head. They spent the rest of the evening taking it in turns to play “blind cat;” so should have got a video but at least I got a few photos:

cats-christmas2012-3 cats-christmas2012-4
I will not put my head in the wrapping…. Ah I can’t see!

I also got a number of wonderful presents including various DVD’s, smellies, gift vouchers and a beautiful Yankee Candle.

Boxing day concluded my festive celebrations with a visit to mum & Ian’s with Steve. Albeit brief it was good to see everyone and know that they had a good festive period to.

Blog soon,


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Yuletide Preparations

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With Yuletide (or Christmas) on it’s way, I had a week off this week to prepare. Monday I bought a real Christmas tree, named Trevor:

(Click on image for full size image, Trevor was decorated by me at some point in the week!)

I manged to spend time with my Grandma on Wednesday, leaving time for mum on Thursday evening and Saturday. I caught up with my good friend Simon on Thursday as well. In between times, I crammed in my assignment for my Leadership module (see A general update). Finally finishing it yesterday (Friday). So now I can relax, well apart from the last minute Christmas shopping.

My poor laptop is starting to die though, so I had to buy a new one online. Hopefully once it arrives and is up and running I will get back to normal blogging and facebook habits.

Take care all,


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