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Publishers Publicists Note

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Dear Publishers Publicists,

I read a variety of books (see Book Lists) and review them on this blog. I get roughly three thousand unique visitors (with between 65-85,000 hits) per month, mostly through Google searches for specific book reviews.

Recently I’ve been approached by Publishers Group UK and Headline Publishing with titles to read and review. Both have been impressed with my reviews and asked me to review further books. I am grateful to Publishers Group UK and Headline Publishing for the free titles and feedback on the reviews.

Here are some samples of my reviews, so that you can see my writing style and the sort of things I comment on:

As you can see from the samples I always try to be honest focusing on the positives. I write reviews to share good literature with my readers and always include a link (usually to Amazon) where they may purchase the book.

So If you’ve got a book you’d like me to review please contact me. Include in your email: the title, author and some information around what the book is about. If you would like me to review the book before it’s release date let me know and were possible I will try to accommodate. I prefer printed samples as I don’t have a Kindle or other Ereader.

When I’ve receive the title a link will appear on the On My Bookshelf For Reading… or I’m Reading… sidebar of my site.

Then once I’ve written the review I’ll email you back with a date & time of the review being published, a direct link where it will be available and the text of the review. You will be able to share, quote and tweet the review wherever you like.

Look forward to hearing from you,


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