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Review: My Cats (Dylan & Russell) Enjoy Playing with Automatic Laser Toy by FroliCat

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frolicat-laser-toy-box I haven’t blogged about Dylan and Russell my gorgeous bengal cats in ages. They’ve really grown up, but they are still very playful. Which is why I bought them this Automatic Laser Toy by FroliCat.

The Automatic Laser Toy shoots a red laser across the floor in a circular motion for the cats to chase. It has has four speed settings (slow, medium, fast and variable) and allows you to decide how long playtime is for by setting a timer (5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes).

Dylan and Russell enjoy playing the Automatic Laser Toy game. Here’s a video showing them playing with it:

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The Automatic Laser Toy must be placed in the centre of the room, meaning you have to be careful not to trip on it. It works on AA batteries which is good as it makes it portable, but it does mean that as the batteries get low the Automatic Laser Toy slows down. The internal motor is noisy.But my cats love it!

Every time the Automatic Laser Toy is on Dylan and Russell chase around after the light. If you’ve got cats, yours will love it to. The Automatic Laser Toy by FroliCat is available to buy on Amazon.

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