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Book Review: How Do You Want Me? by Ruby Wax

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how-do-you-want-me-ruby-wax Ruby Wax tells her life story (so far), in her autobiography How do you want me?

Wax starts by describing her childhood, complete with her neurotic mother and violent father.

Then Wax goes on to the important subjects of her life, each one having it’s own dedicated chapter in somewhat of a chronological order: Puberty, Men, Ambition, Fame, Marriage, Babies, Breakdown and Fixing Yourself.

Each chapter is written with Wax displaying honesty and regular doses of her good humour. This makes How do you want me? a fascinating read, one that’s so captivating it is likely to be read in a few sittings.

As Wax tells of the highs and lows of her life, the reader can’t help but connect with her and will come to admire this inspirational woman.

There are a few photo pages spread throughout How do you want me? But be warned, they are all black and white photographs.

Wax is a great story teller and it felt like a privilege that she choose to share her life story. How do you want me? is throughly entertaining and enjoyable. It is available to buy on Amazon.

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