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moving on

Exciting News & Things To Look Forward Too

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Let’s start with the exciting news. I have a new job!

The last week or so has been a chaotic whirlwind of activity that has led me to be offered and accepting a new job. I wont give too much details as I’ve always maintained this is a personal blog and always had a strict rule about not discussing work. Needless to say this rule will be maintained in my new post.

But it is an exciting opportunity, out of the geographic area I currently work in and will present me with some new challenges. I’ll have read up and update myself on Nursing practices in a hospital setting, as I haven’t worked in a hospital since I completed my Nurse training. I’m looking forward to starting the post in the coming months, embracing the learning opportunities the post brings as well as developing best practice.

Now on to things to look forward too over the next few months:

  • Watching John Barrowman live – I didn’t manage to see him last year due to being ill (see The long fantastic weekend, that never happened).
  • Dressing up the cats in costumes for Halloween / Samhain.
    (If anyone knows where I can buy cat costumes, please let me know by commenting. I can find plenty of human Halloween costumes online, but none so far for the cats.)
  • Undertaking Samhain ritual with Simon & Chrys (see Pagan Festivals).
  • Having a private Samhain ritual to commerate the loss of my brother Alex (see My Darling Baby Brother) earlier this year.
  • Reading The Fear by Charlie Higson and The Time of My Life by Cecelia Ahern.
  • Yule / Christmas – the opportunity to take some time out with my family and friends. Plus it’s the cats first Christmas, so they will be spoilt. No doubt they’ll manage to bring down the Christmas tree. I’m sure it will have sad moments since Alex (see My Darling Baby Brother) wont be here – but I’m hoping that overall it will be positive.
  • Completion of my first few chapters of a creative writing story I’m going to set to work on (I promise) and getting all of your feedback.
  • One of my brothers fiancée giving birth to a baby. Giving me another Niece or Nephew.

So lots to look forwards too. Signing off for now, feeling really positive,


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NO Going Backwards

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Sometimes we are tempted to go back to old habits, routines and people. I recently have been tempted to go backwards, but after a lot of thought, decided not too.

In life things don’t always work out and I am a firm believer that there’s a reason why. But why are we tempted to go back? For me I think it’s I hope that it could be all that I imagined or that this time it will work and be as I’ve dreamed it. That it would make me feel like it used to or like I wanted it too.

But in the past when I’ve gone backwards, it’s always worked out the same way as the first time. So I’m not going to put myself through the ringer – learning the same old lessons again. I’ve got too many new ones to learn!

But more than that I deserve to be happy, as we all do. I know from past experience in the long run it would only cause me to feel the same again when it doesn’t work.

So in the interest of my happiness: NO going backwards, this year is strictly committed to new disasters! New habits, routines and most importantly new people.

Take Care,


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The Move

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Hi All,

I’m back! The move to the new apartment (see Things are changing…) was on Friday 24th April 09, which coinsided with the evening I was going to see Girls Aloud. I got the keys at half two in the afternoon and soon after had to leave my lovely new place to go to David’s to get ready for Girls Aloud. I will be sharng some Girls Aloud photos from the gig in a blog post soon.

I was lucky to have a full week off work to move and nip to IKEA. Mum came with me to Ikea, all I have to say is: NEVER buy Ikea furniture. It never goes together exactually as it’s suppose too. When you have finally managed to build the piece of furniture (usually after many choice words directed at the inatimate object), you always have left over screws.

I managed to blag David in to building the bookshelf with me. It was suppose to be a bit of fun but was actually quite a stress for us both. He decided to let me build a lovely antique style desk (which I shall be using to do some creative writing – hopefully in the near future). After much stress (and again choice words directed at the inatimate desk) I have managed to build it.

So I think it’s time you saw some pictures? Ok, here you go:


Living Room & Kitchen

Office & Guest Bedroom
(Also known as ‘the junk room’)

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom & Ensuite

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my family and friends who have sent cards (and in some cases gifts). You shall all be invited to the house warming, err, when I organise one. (June sounds like a good month.)

I think that’s a good substantial first post-move post.

Coming soon, see photos from the Girls Aloud gig, hear about the dreaded BT (and discover exactually HOW I’m online), laugh at the scape goat, find out what I got up to on my birthday (23 now! I think…), see photos of some of my birthday gifts, find out how domesticated I am (or not as the case may be), find out about The Cabinet!, what happened when David and I adventured on our week off, and sooo much more!

I’m back world, look out!


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