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Book Review: The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert

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The Signature of All Things is the magnificent novel by the delightful writer Elizabeth Gilbert.

The Signature of All Things is set over the lifetime of Alma Whittaker, a woman of means in the early eighteenth century, who is obsessed with the study of moss, unlucky in love, boggled by the altruism of her adopted sister and always on the search for answers in the natural world.

Alma’s journey is wonderful, fascinating and captivating. Alma’s journey and that of her father before her takes the reader around the globe transporting them to: London, Philidelphia, Tahiti, Peru, Tenerife, Hawaii and many places in-between.

Gilbert should be praised for her superb factual research within this novel and her ability to weave it subtly into her work of fiction.

Everything about The Signature of All Things is exquisite and exotic, yet bound together in familiarity by the experience of emotions that all human beings share.

Gilbert’s writing voice is engaging, warm and at times exciting. Gibert’s description brings the readers imagination fully to life. The reader can actually imagine being there alongside their new friend Alma.

The plot is intriguing, brilliantly plotted and has lots of very clever twists. The reader wont have read such cleverly plotted novel as The Signature of All Things in a number of years (I certainly hadn’t!). The expert unravelling of the plot and twists makes readers find it tough to put the book down.

Gilbert’s pacing is suitable for the plot and The Signature of All Things has 580 pages, so is slightly longer than the average novel.

The Signature of All Things is a priviliage to read, nothing less than exceptional and life enhancing.

The Signature of All Things is available to buy on Amazon and at all good book shops.

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