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The Fascinating Man

By Gay, Life, Thinking2 Comments

I met a man recently. His attractiveness caught my eye. He has a young-looking face but his eyes give the distinct impression that he’s older than he looks. He can be masculine but equally effeminate dependant on the circumstances. What I had observed of him fascinated me and I wanted to know more, so I asked around…

I found out that he’s gay – which I’d sort of guessed. That he’s taken (in a relationship) and that he has foster children. I wasn’t sure if this was right so I asked him…

The brief conversation we had fascinated me even more. All of what I found out are true. But what was more fascinating was how intense our brief communication was. It felt as though through his tone of his voice I could sense what he felt about what he was talking about. This fascinated me even more…

So I steered the conversation towards one of the safer things that fascinated me about him and his life: his foster children. I told him that if I ever fostered children with a partner, that I worry that the children would get bullied because of my sexuality. It was a this point that our conversation was interrupted…

I said I’d like to continue the conversation sometime. Since this brief conversation I have thought about this man and his life. Especially in regards to the foster children. A long time ago I crossed things off a list I’d never be able to do…

First getting married. That couldn’t of happened at the time of this list as no legislation allowed it. That’s changed now, gay people can have a civil partnership and the government are looking into the prospect of calling it gay mariage. Second was children…

People always said to me “you can foster”. But I always said, I don’t think society has progressed enough in it’s views to accept two gay men raising children. Perhaps this has changed as well? Something to think about…

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My First Wet Shave

By Life3 Comments

Growing up I have always used an electric shaver. But I my facial hair is starten to grow quicker and get more corse (the joys of getting older, eh?). My colleagues at work had bought me for my birthday (in May) a Gillette Fushion Razer (with 5 blades lol), shaving gell and moisteriser. I’ve always thought wet shaving was sexy and very manly. So I decided to try this whole wet shave thing.

Of course, having never wet shaven, I did what any sane person would do (other wise I imagined myself cutting my face to ribbons), I googled it. I found this good video:

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How To Wet Shave

Ha ha, they seem to make video’s for everything these days. (Do you think they have one for making a cup of tea?)

So off to the bathroom I went. I am pleased to say, I did quite a good job. Not one cut and a nice smooth face. Very sexy and very masculine.

Blog randomly again soon,


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