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John Green

Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

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the-fault-in-our-stars-john-green-book-cover The Fault In Our Stars is the outstanding novel by John Green. The book has become a worldwide bestseller and has even been made into a film.

The concept of The Fault In Our Stars is a simple one: it’s a love story between two teenagers, both of which happen to have cancer.

Hazel is a terminal cancer patient, who has been bought a few additional years of life by an experimental cancer drug. She is encouraged practically forced to attend a regular Cancer Kids Support Group by her mother who feels she should socialise more.

Into the Support Group enters love interest Augustus Waters (Gus), who is there to support his friend Isaac and is in recovery from cancer himself. He is instantly captivated by Hazel.

As Hazel and Augustus start to get to know one another and get close, a predictable plot twist means that everything turns on it’s head for Hazel.

Hazel is no longer the only the ticking time bomb, ready to explode and hurt those close to her. She is at risk of being in an explosion herself. This role reversal was simple, yet at the same time, very clever.

The Fault In Our Stars is exceptionally well written, captivates the reader from the first page and is perfectly paced. It is a superb novel.

The reader will laugh at the many funny scenes in the book, be touched by the tender scenes and be occasionally saddened at the knowledge and recognition that Hazel & Gus’ relationship will end prematurely.

Without giving any spoilers away, there’s a great and unexpected twist at the end of the book that will leave the reader feeling uplifted and believe in true love from beyond the grave.

The Fault In Our Stars is available to buy from Amazon.

I can’t wait to read another one of John Green‘s books. I will be picking up another one soon.

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